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Rejoice. Thus we conclude the Weekly Class.

Rejoice. Thus we conclude the Weekly Class.

Every Wednesday, a newly re-edited pre-recorded teaching by Geshema over a period  of a 11 day intensive retreat will be posted here. Thereafter, they will be archived on Geshema youtube channel. Please check in here every Wednesday for new pre-recorded clasess.

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Day 11-Last Day

Beginning with the 5 Mahayana Path on pg 29. Wishing for water and wishing for glass is used as an analogy for the Mahayana aspirations of wishing all sentient beings to have the ultimate happiness and becoming enlighten. How an accomplished person who is reborn can have two reincarnation was briefing explained. On the path of seeing you can choose your rebirth and not only that take more than 2 or 3 or even more different reincarnations.

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01:01:20 Q n A

First question was regarding what Geshema’s expectations from the course participants. Another question was brought up about Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche who made movies. Another question was about geniuses who lack the perfect 5 sense powers. Multiple person disorder were brought up too. In some cases when another being enter the human body, like Nechung , the Tibetan State Oracle. Another question about what is ultimate Bodhicitta was brought up. Geshema gave a detail explaination of what exactly is Ultimate Bodhicitta versus what is Conventional Bodhicitta. And finally upon umpteenth request, Geshema told some Lama stories.

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